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Joopic App fully supports CamBuddy and CamBuddy Pro. Compatible with iOS 8.0+, Android 4.3+, Bluetooth 4.0 phone.
Joopic for desktop v2.2, supports CamBuddy and CamBuddy Pro, does not support the trigger function. Compatible with macOS 10.6+ (64-bit), Windows 7+ (32/64-bit).
Shared album and cloud album are supported on our Joopic mobile and desktop edition. If you have any inquiries please contact us

Joopic App

Joopic App supports both CamBuddy and CamBuddy Pro. It enables you to control your camera remotely from your phone and also support remote shooting, live view, smart triggers, shoot-push, timing trigger, transfer photos and videos, instant social media sharing and smart photo albums, etc. It also supports our two other mode such as cloud mode and networking mode.

Cloud Album, Shared Album

Upload photos to the cloud, backup photos, and share photos with your friends.

Transferring photos/videos

View photos from camera directly on your smartphone and transfer the pictures instantly without the need of a card reader or a desktop computer.

Intelligent album

Joopic app can automatically classify your photos/videos by the creation time, location, or your camera model.

Read EXIF info

Joopic app can show the EXIF info of a photo in order that you can easily compare multiple photos under different shooting parameters.

Preview of time-lapse photography

Play multiple photos in 12, 18, or 24 frames per second in order to preview your creative time-lapse photography.

Joopic Desktop Edition

Joopic desktop edition supports both CamBuddy and CamBuddy Pro. You can control your camera from the desktop computer, also supports shoot-push, remote shooting, live view, taking photos and videos, etc. You are also able to save your photos directly to the desktop computer. Joopic desktop supports cloud and shared album. Through the synchronization of the cloud you may collaborate with your team more efficiently.

The photos taken by camera will be automatically pushed to your computer, by using the Fetch function.

High-speed and easy file transfer.

Full control your camera from far away.

Real-time view of the image.